Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my page, if you have any questions please read through my FAQ! If you have any further inquiries you can email me at skye.gpaul@gmail.com or contact me via direct message on instagram.

1. How can I order a piece?

You can purchase beadwork directly through my website under "Beadwork". I have monthly restocks with a specific date and time. I will always make posts on instagram with information on upcoming sales. Because sales often sell out quick, I suggest having your payment info ready for a speedy checkout! 

2. The piece I wanted sold out, can I make a custom order for it?

Unfortunately no, I wish I had enough fingers to create a piece for everyone. Beadwork is very slow fashion. A collection of only 10 pieces can take weeks to create. As soon as a sale is over I am already working on the next restock and unfortunately do not have time for customs in between. 

3. Are your customs open?

My custom spots do not open often. When I open customs, I sell only a limited amount of spots for very specific items (like blueberry earrings). Once the spots are filled I will take the post down to avoid confusion about availability. Since spots fill up quickly, the post is usually up for only a few minutes. The best way to know when customs will open is to follow my Instagram.