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1. beaded mom patch, or text of your choice

2. beaded poppy pin

3. blueberry earrings

4. $250 giftcard to for charlottle cut beads

5. hand beaded zig zag moose hide tassels by @harvestmoon.designs

6. beaded set by @whiteotterdesignco

7. custom teacup earrings by @the.beads.knees

8. beaded butterfly earrings by @threesistersdesigns

9. custom skull earrings by @blu_hummingbird

10. floral fringe earrings by @thimbleberrydesign

11. bandana headband by @thimbleberrydesign

12. custom earrings by @qui.beads

13. earrings by @thelittlest_inuksuk